Gina Velasco dressing Laura Posada

in Mas Vida Magazine photoshoot for DEC 2009 issue

Laura Posada Laura Posada
Laura Posada Laura Posada Laura Posada
  hair by Rita Sanders @ Michael Parmelee Studio



NEWS!! November 2009

Gina Velasco has just opened her Store Online for customers world wide. The website, features artistic, yet wearable pieces. Blending European sophistication with a fun Latin twist. Velasco celebrates her culture and the female silhouette with a series of intricately designed gowns and convertible cocktail dresses that remind women why they should embrace fashion as well as their shape.

UNDUSTRIALIZED is a collection inspired in the disappearance and the
abandonment of factories in the country. The physical deterioration of
past machineries, investments, and materials of production, serve as
source of inspiration to fashion designer Gina Velasco.  The corrosion
of the metal and the handling of paintings in the fabrics play an
important role in the creation of unique pieces.

As a vehicle of expression, Velasco incorporates small sculptures, with
an air of Cubism, made of metal and plastic.  This chaotic mixture of
forms and materials represents the continuous change since the beginning
of the Industrial Revolution.

The fabric in the sportswear is mainly Jersey, and in elegant pieces,
velour; both fabrics are easy to drape directly on the mannequin. The
touch of metal is not limited to the sculptures but also is incorporated
on the hems, creating irregular lines on the bottom of dresses.  The
asymmetric wrap around element can be seen in many styles of the
collection, this decision in the design represents the constant changing
world of the technology. The backs have been always very important for
Velasco, since they are a additional canvas for design, this collection
is not an exception.

The range of colors in the runway starts with gray and while the clothes
turn more elegant the colors get more vibrant.  Emerald green, violet,
wine and caramel make their entrance with the cocktail and evening

To finalize the show Velasco presents a sample of her bridal gowns for
the modern woman.  Dresses of simple lines and elegant details.  Gold
and Silver are the designers favorite accents for the season.

At the present time  one Gina Velasco has plans to expand her bridal
Art-tefact webstore!!!